ZEL provides services as Owner’s Engineer (OE) and / or Lender’s Technical Advisor throughout the project life cycle, to ensure technical and financial aspects of the project are adequately covered.

As Owner’s Engineer, ZEL provides the following services:

  • Data acquisition and review of technical documents.
  • Preparation of Tender Documents for EPC and PC Contractors.
  • Evaluation of Contractors’ Bids
  • Review of submittals from the Contractors.
  • Contract Management
  • Inspection activities including FAT & Inspection at site.
  • Provide technical liaison between various vendors and Contractor.

As Lender’s Technical Advisor, ZEL provides the following services:

  • Review technical data to ensure delivery of project’s intended outputs.
  • Propose alternate technical solutions to add value to the project.
  • Detailed review of financial model and financing document.
  • Undertake visits to site on Lender’s behalf during project execution phase.
  • Prepare regular periodic reports for submission to Lenders along with proposed recommendations.
  • Perform final inspections, witness performance tests and submit report to Lender for final acceptance of project.